IIE At A Glance: Connecting Individuals, Expanding Access

IIE’s 2022 annual report provides an overview of the impact of IIE’s initiatives, programs, and thought leadership.  

NEW YORK, July 25, 2023 – 2022 was a year of connection and continuity. Where lives were disrupted by crisis, the Institute of International Education worked with students, scholars, and artists so they could continue to learn, teach, and create. Where institutions sought new international academic relationships, we connected them with partners abroad. And with international mobility continuing to rebound and most exchange activities resuming, we connected what we learned throughout the pandemic with our vision for the future.

As war broke out in Ukraine, turmoil in Afghanistan persisted, and other crises erupted around the world, the need for IIE’s global programs and services was as great as ever. In response, IIE led the launch of two new programs for students — the Qatar Scholarship for Afghans Project and the Global Democracy Ambassador Scholarship — while continuing to support students, scholars, and artists through our broad portfolio of crisis support programming. Afghanistan, Cameroon, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Yemen are just a few of the countries in which IIE programs supported displaced persons and individuals affected by crisis.

“Since childhood, I have dreamed of becoming a teacher. Thanks to IIE, I can achieve my dream and become a teacher in a free, democratic country. Thank you for helping us get a higher education and make our dreams come true.”

ANASTASIIA SNITKINAHorlivka Institute for Foreign Languages, Ukraine, supported by IIE’s Ukraine Crisis Response Fund

Connecting all of our work throughout 2022 and beyond is our commitment to creating access to opportunity. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and access remain at the core of our mission. In 2022, we launched the IIE Center for Access and Equity, which provides a centralized way for us to track, develop, and articulate our diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEIA) efforts, both internally and externally. We are grateful to our partners across governments, corporations, universities, foundations, and other nonprofits who help make this critical work possible, including the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Defense, and to our donors whose generosity helps to advance IIE’s mission in meaningful and innovative ways. We could not have accomplished all we did in 2022 without the passionate, committed IIE team members around the world who give life to the programs that we manage and hope to the individuals whom we serve.


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