IIE’s Crisis Response

IIE deploys global, holistic crisis response to students, scholars, and artists where and when it’s needed most. Your support helps deploy emergency grants, secure long-term safe work placements, and provide life-changing scholarships.


The ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza in response to the October 7 terrorist attack continues to impact many individuals in the region and beyond.

IIE’s Emergency Student Fund awards rapid response grants to international students in the U.S. from Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank who have been impacted by the war. Each $2,000 grant helps these students who are living with isolation and fear for their families and communities back home cover essential needs including tuition, housing, and medical expenses, so they can remain safely enrolled in their academic institutions. 

IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund provides safe haven to threatened and displaced researchers and academics when their lives and work are at risk. IIE-SRF has awarded emergency fellowships to IIE-SRF alumni from Gaza who had returned home but are now threatened by this latest violence.

You can support students and scholars impacted by the war.


Office of Philanthropy